Gaea – a primary Greek primordial deity – is the personification of the Earth. As the ancestral mother of all life, she is the primal Mother Earth.

Our planet is over flowing with a continuous stream of beauty – found through breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring formations. With a particular focus in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Gaea Photography is dedicated to exploring and capturing pristine quality photos of the lesser known and lesser explored corners of this magnificently diverse place.

My goal is to inspire, encourage, and empower others to take joy in experiencing and witnessing all that Gaea can offer. Throughout this site you will find my work manifested in the form of stunning galleries that are available for purchase, workshops to help build your skills, informative trip reports and articles to aide you in your own explorations, group hikes lead by me to iconic or rarely visited spots, and various portrait services to capture the experience forever!

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Scotsmans Falls, NC

Located in the pit of the Ellicott Rock Wilderness of North Carolina, Scotsmans Falls is a true gem and one not to miss. The 40-ft drop tumbles over an impressive, rocky overhang before cascading out over beautiful mini-ledges. Best of all, this hike is less than a quarter mile round trip!

Cave Falls and the Bob Ross Gorge – Linville Gorge, NC

The iconic Linville River has a reputation all its own. It relentlessly winds its way through several boulder choked canyons, creating numerous notable waterfalls. Of the 12 mile stretch that runs through the wilderness area, Cave Falls and the Bob Ross Gorge are among my top favorite sections.


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