Gaea – a primary Greek primordial deity – is the personification of the Earth. As the ancestral mother of all life, she is the primal Mother Earth.

Our planet is over flowing with a continuous stream of beauty – found through breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring formations. With a particular focus in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Gaea Photography is dedicated to exploring and capturing pristine quality photos of the lesser known and lesser explored corners of this magnificently diverse place.

My goal is to inspire, encourage, and empower others to take joy in experiencing and witnessing all that Gaea can offer. Throughout this site you will find my work manifested in the form of stunning galleries that are available for purchase, workshops to help build your skills, informative trip reports and articles to aide you in your own explorations, group hikes lead by me to iconic or rarely visited spots, and various portrait services to capture the experience forever!

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Dill & Upper Dill Falls, NC

Located in the Nantahala National Forest of North Carolina, Dill and Upper Dill Falls is a fabulous set of very scenic waterfalls that should be on everyone’s to-do list. The 60ft and 20ft drops, respectively, are both very accessible and offer great photography opportunities.

Herrin Knob Falls, NC

Herrin Knob Falls, tucked away inside the Nantahala National Forest of North Carolina, is a true gem and a photographer’s field day. The quaint 20′ drop offers a serene and lush setting that does not disappoint, regardless of season. Best of all is that despite being fairly quick and easy to access, chances are you’ll […]

Waterfalls of Balsam Lake, NC

Balsam Lake, located deep within the Roy Taylor Forest section of the Nantahala National Forest, is the only public accessible lake of the area that is not owned by Duke Energy. In addition to being a top fishing destination, that is stocked with Rainbow Trout twice in the Spring and Summer seasons, this lake grants […]


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2022 Calendars

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! In keeping with tradition, there are six different editions of the 2021 calendars to choose from that span a variety of subjects. Whether you like North or South Carolina waterfalls better, or prefer the moody contrasts of a stark black and white, you’ll find a theme to fit your palette!

As always, all proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to various conservation efforts that serve the Carolinas – which is listed in the description of each theme. It is now more than ever that we need to give back to the land that has given us so much.

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