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My name is Ryan Mallon – a Carolina based photographer, explorer, and athlete. Equipped with a never-ending sense of curiosity and wonderment, my adventures have taken me to some of the deepest, most remote stretches of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Through the art of visual media, Gaea Photography is my platform to express this remarkable journey.

A dapper sunrise at Pride Rock.

My goal is to showcase the indescribable beauty of our natural world- in high quality imagery, made available for purchase in various sizing and mediums. I believe in promoting and advocating a playful lifestyle- full of adventure, curiosity, and exploration of oneself with our planet. Through Gaea Photography, I want to share my experiences, lessons, and passions with you all!

As an accomplished acrobatic athlete, my physical abilities have allowed me to create an unique niche and perspective for my self expression, while allowing me access to lesser known or hard to reach places. I am the most free on the trails- flipping and jumping across rocks, as well as picturesque handstands performed upon precarious perches.

Movement to the body are like words to the mind.

Sphinx Handstand – Linville Gorge, NC

Along the way, I adopted one of the Carolina’s original adventure cats- Ember, the wildfire! Like myself, she holds a relentless sense of adventure and exploration. Through hiking, camping, and backpacking, we have created an unique bond visiting places that few felines have tread before! Her fiery spirit blazes in front of each person we meet on the trail, and you can enjoy a visual representation of our adventures in her own personal gallery!

Ember, the Wildfire

Stare through the world with eyes that see no limits. Create memories, experiences, and art with the inner most depths of your passions.