Group Hike Meet-Ups!

Want to get in on the action? I am now hosting a monthly group hike meet up that will be open to whomever would like to come out!

The aim of these meet ups are to help connect people within the local hiking communities to each other, lending my knowledge and experience of lesser known areas to those who are craving a little more adventure than your average tourist trap!

Below is detailed information of this month’s chosen hike: parking directions/GPS, hike length and estimated time, trail conditions and warnings, recommended supplies, and any other things you might expect to encounter along the way. For those who are interested, I’ll offer exclusive discounts for digital copies of professional photos of you while out on the adventure!

It’s really important that you take a second and register your email at the bottom if you plan on attending. This will help me have an active way of updating everyone of any sudden changes, inclement weather, etc. It’ll also allow me to better prepare to lead the group to maximize our fun!

June 30, 2019’s Hike: Fall Creek Falls, SC

Fall Creek Falls, Oconee County, South Carolina.

I’ll be relocating to Asheville at the end of June, so it seemed appropriate to host this months’s hike at a top 3 personal SC favorite: Fall Creek Falls in Oconee County, SC!

This is an awesome hike that will take us to SEVEN waterfalls and a stop at the mighty Chattooga River! Highlights will include the legendary Fall Creek Falls and Pristine Falls – which we will be able to get wet in if you so choose to! This hike is moderate – with minor steep sections – and will be open to any adults that are okay with the technical logistics of the hike.`

Pristine Falls, Oconee County, South Carolina.

When: June 30, 2019 from 9am to 2-3pm. Plan to arrive 10 minutes earlier in case of unforeseen circumstances like traffic, detours, etc. We will begin our hike promptly at 9:15am.

Where: The parking for this is 1 mile NW down Fall Creek Rd (FS722) in Mountain Rest, SC, on your left immediately after you cross the creek. When you turn onto the road, it’ll fork in 0.3 miles – go to the left to continue on Fall Creek Rd. At 0.7 miles after the fork is when it crosses the creek and the parking will be immediately after that on the left. This address is plugged into Google Maps and will take you there. Just be careful: there is a Falls Creek Falls in Marietta, SC (Jones Gap State Park – Greenville County) and you do not want those directions.

GPS Coordinates to the parking are: 34.8232243, -83.2511973

Hike Length and Itinerary: The total mileage for this out-and-back hike is just under 3.5 miles. It’ll take anywhere from 5-6 hours, depending on how much we stop and how long we play at the various falls. But the trail is clearly marked and people are free to hike on/leave at their own discretion. We will be visiting Andrew Ramsey Falls, Midway Falls, Rhodo Falls, Fall Creek Falls, Side Pocket Falls, the Chattooga River and Final Falls, and Pristine Falls.

Downloadable GPS Track can be found HERE.

I recommend downloading GaiaGPS, if you do not have an GPS tracking app already.

The Trail: It’s a pretty moderate trail, but narrow and a little tight in places due to the rhodo growth. The total elevation change is only around 400-ft in ascent and descent. The various spur trails down to the bases of the falls can be a little steep and potentially slippery if it had been raining recently. The key is to take your time and we will move at a pace that is safe/comfortable for the whole group – there’s no rush and the waterfalls aren’t going anywhere!

Recommended Supplies: Don’t forget to bring a lunch or a snack in the minimum. This is a relatively short hike so you don’t need to go crazy with water abundance. If I plan to hike near water, I usually don’t carry the water weight and just filter as I need and go along. But for those who don’t have access to that, I’d say 2 bottles of water would be more than enough to get you through. We will be able to swim and get wet, if you want. The area has some healthy vegetation and is open at the falls, so bug spray and sunscreen is also recommended.

Fall Creek Falls, SC.
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Andrew Ramsey Falls, SC
Side Pocket Falls, SC

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