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Delicate intricacies and rock formations, forged by water!

0 Responses to “Waterfalling”

  1. Anonymous

    What camera, lens, and settings did you use to shoot these? Any post processing?

    • Gaea Photography

      Hey! This was shot on a Nikon D5600, a Sigma 17-50mm lens.

      The settings varied per picture but my ISO is always 100 and I always shoot 2 FPS for waterfall longer exposures. The aperature varied on what I needed to bounce the lighting with 2 FPS and 100 ISO (Generally ranged anywhere between 6.3-9)

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  3. Jeff M

    Incredible review, fantastic pictures. What is the approx distance of the entire route?

  4. hikingwnc

    It was indeed one of the most amazing geologic settings and it was a great day. It was a heck of a first hike together!

  5. Bob Underwood

    For those without GPS / AVENZA, I’m estimating the upstream end of Bob Ross gorge at the 2200 contour. Right?

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    […] This 25ft waterfall is a stunner. It falls into a mossy cove-like formation on river right, while the river left side has a huge and open rock face to scramble around on. The shape and greenery here reminds me of Gingercake Creek Falls, which you can read about here. […]

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