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Scotsmans Falls, NC

Located in the pit of the Ellicott Rock Wilderness of North Carolina, Scotsmans Falls is a true gem and one not to miss. The 40-ft drop tumbles over an impressive, rocky overhang before cascading out over beautiful mini-ledges. Best of all, this hike is less than a quarter mile round trip!

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Yellow Fork (Paddys Creek) Falls, NC

Yellow Fork Falls – or also known as Paddys Creek Falls – is a brilliantly crafted 35-ft waterfall located just outside the southwestern flank of the Linville Gorge Wilderness in North Carolina.

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Lower Thompson River, Jocassee Gorges, SC

The Jocassee Gorges, located in the heart of Upstate South Carolina, features some of the Southeast’s most impressive and powerful rivers. Of the four major waterways, the Thompson River is about as wild as it gets – hosting several breath taking waterfalls, deep swimming holes, and even its own natural water slide!

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Toxaway River Shuttle – Gorges State Park, NC

The Toxaway River is a titan among North Carolina waterways. Not only is it soaked with iconic landmarks such as the first artificial lake of the Appalachians, this richly historic river also hosts a series of some of the most sought after waterfalls in all of Western North Carolina.

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Peach Orchard Creek Gorge – Pisgah National Forest, NC

Located deep within the Big Ivy/Coleman Boundary of Pisgah National Forest, Peach Orchard Creek deliciously flows through one of North Carolina’s most scenic and vibrant areas. At its pit, the waterway descends into a nearly 800-ft deep gorge between the western flanks of Bullhead Mountain and Locust Knob.

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Mitchell Falls & the Demise of Dr. Elisha Mitchell – NC

In 1857, during the peak of a nearly two decade long dispute over which mountain is the tallest in the region, Dr. Elisha Mitchell met his demise at the age of 64 when he fell off a 30-ft waterfall that drops between a rocky, narrow slot. Ironically named Mitchell Falls, this richly historic location has risen to “Holy Grail” status in the ranks of the waterfalling community.

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Fourth Thru First Falls – The WILDS, NC

The WILDS is a Christian Camp and Conference Center, located in south Brevard. Established in 1969 (and now celebrating their 50th year), they deliver top notch adventures to their campers with their impressive property and facilities. The property straddles the Gorges State Park boundaries and has “funtastic” activities such as hiking, climbing, tubing, swimming, and even a zip line across the massive gorge that is Third Falls!

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